You need to setup your homepage first!

1. Go to Admin -> Plugins then activate all plugins.

2. Go to Admin -> Pages and create a page:

- Content:
[simple-slider key="home-slider"][/simple-slider]
[featured-product-categories title="Top Categories" subtitle="Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Phasellus blandit massa enim Nullam nunc varius."][/featured-product-categories]
[flash-sale title="Best deals for you"][/flash-sale]
[product-collections title="Exclusive Products"][/product-collections]
[banners image1="general/b-1.jpg" url1="/product-categories/headphone" image2="general/b-2.jpg" url2="/product-categories/camera" image3="general/b-3.jpg" url3="/product-categories/watches"][/banners]
[trending-products title="Trending Products"][[/trending-products]
[product-blocks featured_product_title="Featured Products" top_rated_product_title="Top Rated Products" on_sale_product_title="On Sale Products"][/product-blocks]
[featured-brands title="Our Brands"][/featured-brands]
[featured-news title="Visit Our Blog" subtitle="Our Blog updated the newest trend of the world regularly"][/featured-news]
[testimonials title="Our Client Say!"][/testimonials]
[our-features icon1="flaticon-shipped" title1="Free Delivery" subtitle1="Free shipping on all US order or order above $200" icon2="flaticon-money-back" title2="30 Day Returns Guarantee" subtitle2="Simply return it within 30 days for an exchange" icon3="flaticon-support" title3="27/4 Online Support" subtitle3="Contact us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week"][/our-features]
[newsletter-form title="Join Our Newsletter Now" subtitle="Register now to get updates on promotions."][/newsletter-form]

- Template: Homepage.

3. Then go to Admin -> Appearance -> Theme options -> Page to set your homepage.